Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Thai Me Up!

Curry Veloce Thailandes "Penang" di Maiale & Verdure Miste
Quick, Low-Fat Thai Penang Curried Pork and Vegetables

I love Thai food, how aromatic it is, complex in flavor and yet simple at the same time- it really is one of my favorites! But much as I adore those rich, dreamy, coconut-milk based curries or the fried noodle dishes, I sometimes like to try to keep meals lighter and lower-fat. For me, it is the wonderful flavor combinations that make Thai so exciting- so I decided to keep the taste and cut the calories- and came up with this dish of my own!

Of course this is not authentic or traditional Thai cuisine, but the typical flavors are there and the for a home-made meal, using fresh ingredients, that is all that we are worried about, right, readers?

I used one of those store-bought Thai curry pastes- I think the Penang variety tastes best to pork and so I blended that with a little fish sauce, a little sweet chili sauce, some lime juice and some honey. I put these ingredients into a small saucepan with a little water and let them reduce together.

In a separate saucepan, I chopped some potatoes into bite-sized chunks and began par-boiling them. Whilst this was happening, I started frying the pork, also cut into bite-sized chunks, in a little sesame oil. Once it began to brown, I added red peppers and green beans, along with some powdered galangal and lime leaves. After 2-3 minutes I added the curry paste/sauce reduction and continued cooking at a reduced temperature for
 a further 4-5 minutes- enough time for the meat and potatoes to soak up the flavor, but still retain their bite. Finish by adding an additional light drizzle of sesame oil, a chopped Spring onion and a squeeze of lime as well as a good handful of peanuts, for a savory bit of crunch!

Enjoy on a bed of rice or noodles- or just so! But do enjoy!

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