Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Rise of the Flat Bread (Part Two)

Schiacciata con Cavolo, Pancetta & Patate Americane
Flat Bread with White Cabbage, Sweet Potato and Bacon

So- with no further ado, our next flat bread and a slightly more unusual topping for this one. I don't quite know why, but I almost just woke up this morning with the strange thought for this flavor combination. Somehow I knew it would work... I just didn't know how well it would work until I finally did it! So let me tell you what was involved... and relax- it was easy! Very, very easy...

I started off by cutting a small chunk off a white cabbage and slicing it as thinly as I possibly could... which was pretty thin! Despite what some of you might believe, after my accident last Christmas. In any case, I then sprinkled the cabbage with salt and sugar and let it sit for 9-10 minutes. I then squeezed a little lemon juice onto it, let it sit for a further 5-10 minutes and then squeezed it out. I then drizzled it lightly with olive oil and added a sprinkle of caraway seeds.

Next, I cut off a small chunk of sweet potato, from which I took thin shavings with a potato peeler. I sautéed these in a dry non-stick pan with a little chopped bacon, some fresh rosemary and a little crushed garlic. Once the potato began to look translucent and the bacon was cooked but not crispy, I removed them from the heat.

Back to the cabbage! I spread the cabbage out on the pizza dough evenly and then added the sweet potato and bacon. A light drizzle of olive oil and little nutmeg and pepper and the whole thing was good to go into the oven until it was golden brown and delicious.

The cabbage becomes sweet and mild and blends in wonderfully with the salty, tasty bacon bits and the mild sweet potato... a light, healthy and above all pretty and healthy treat! One to be enjoyed- and preferably in company!

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