Thursday, 19 January 2012

How to Slay the Dragon

Pollo Mediterrano, Saltato con Dragoncello, Pepe, Sedano e Funghi
Mediterranean Stir-Fried Chicken with Tarragon, Peppers and Celery and Mushroom

You are seeing these pictures and thinking of soy-sauce, ginger and chili... am I right? Ah, but then you would be disappointed my friends if you tried this dish- or maybe not! Because although it is fried in a pan and although I had a little fun with the chop sticks when I took the photos, the flavors are very European... but still very tasty! And not wanting to wok the boat too much, I will tell you what you are looking at here and how to make it!

The name of this post is derived from the Italian "dragoncello" which is the word for tarragon... don't you love that? Makes me smile ever time! As you may have noticed, I already made a couple of dishes with tarragon this week, so this evening I decided to make use of the remainder of the bunch before it began to wilt... as ever with me it was a case of waste not- want not! The "dragon" had to go!

So, it was indeed a very simple affair. In a little olive oil, I fried the chicken breast and the mushroom, along with some finely chopped garlic, for 2-3 minutes. The mushroom I used was a king oyster mushroom- one of my favorites- and one is enough per serving. Next I added the celery slices and seasoned with salt, pepper, a little mustard powder, a hint of cinnamon and a squeeze of lemon. I continued frying for 2-3 minutes, in which time I finely sliced a shallot and a half of a pointed red pepper.

I added these last 2 ingredients along with the tarragon- a whole handful- the flavor is very mild, especially after cooking. I fried for a further 2-3 minutes and deglazed the pan with a splash of Sambuca and then grated it with a little fresh nutmeg and added about a tablespoon of honey. And that was my light, Mediterranean stir-fry for tonight. I enjoyed mine with a little toasted ciabatta and a glass of white Corvo. Life can be so simple and so good...

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