Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Fast Breakfast

Tortilla al Forno con Uovo, Pancetta, Ajvar, Dragoncello e Ricotta 
Oven-Baked Tortilla with Egg, Bacon, Ajvar, Tarragon & Ricotta

I am not one for big breakfasts- never was. I can make exceptions on vacation, (especially if I am in the USA!), but otherwise, I am happy enough with a cup of coffee and a few minutes of quiet before I head to the office. Then it's another coffee, a banana and maybe one more fruit and my workday can begin.

But today was Sunday, I was not planning on doing any work other than my cooking and photography... so I thought I would make myself a little something yummy after all. Something that looked a little bit like this...

This is of course a very simple dish, but a wonderful combination of flavors. I popped the bacon pieces into a dry non-stick pan and fried them until they were half-done, then set them to one side on kitchen paper to drain some of the excess fat. The fat that remained in the pan on the other hand, was plenty to fry the egg in. I fried the egg, again, until it was half done... well, lets say until it was firm but still a little soft on top. I then cut it into shape- but that of course was purely for the sake of appearances- so you can do without going to that trouble.

I then cut a tortilla down in size, until it fitted my small pan and then spread it generously with Ajvar. I then sprinkled finely chopped tarragon on top and set out the bacon. Next came the egg of course and a nice sprinkle of grated salted ricotta... and into the oven it went for 5 minutes until the tortilla was golden and crispy, the egg and bacon and finished cooking and everything was up to temperature.

A final grind of fresh pepper and a few fresh leaves of tarragon to garnish... and there was a breakfast that could even tempt me! But I am pretty sure that you will like it too!

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