Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Sweet & Spicy!

Patate Dolce Arrostiti al Ras el Hanout & Condimento di Yogurt, Salvia & Cipolla
Ras el Hanout Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Sage & Onion Yogurt Dip


It was just a simple snack-type supper this evening... chunky-cut sweet potatoes, spiced with Ras el Hanout to make them Oriental and exotic and paired with a sage and onion, yogurt dip to make them fit the season... and to fit the bill when it came to my desire for something delicious as well as simple!

Yes it can be done- and those spices just make your regular old sweet potatoes into something altogether more delicious! Just look and see!

 Such a nice change to the same old sweet-potato dishes and perfect for an Autumn evening!


The potatoes are what they are, the spice is what it is... and I am hardly about to tell you how much onion or sage you need to use! No folks- it is just a simple matter of fact that the flavors work perfectly together... and you can see in the picture everything you need to know- but if you read on, I will tell you step-by-step just a little bit more! 


This is a relatively low-fat and healthy affair... the yogurt I used was a reduced fat one, the only other fat I used was a drizzle of good olive oil- so there was nothing naughty going on- just good tasty stuff for you to dig into and to indulge in! And that's what we like, right?


Start off be peeling and cutting your potatoes into nice wedges, place in a steamer and give them a good 10-15 minutes to get them practically finished before they go into the oven... but not before they get that nice spicy coating!


Fetch the potatoes gently out of the steamer, lay them on a large platter and scatter generously with the ras el hanout and plenty of salt and pepper... drizzle with olive oil and toss gently. Do this whilst the sweet potatoes are still hot and they will soak up all of those flavors really well...


 ... but be careful as they will be quite tender and a little delicate... just like you and me- haha!


Pop the potatoes into a hot oven, at 200°C and let them bake for 15-20 minutes- and in the meantime- get that simple little yogurt dip ready!

So do so- you will first need to finely slice the Spring onion and sage, then pop them into a small non-stick pan with just a drop of olive oil. Turn on the heat and give them a constant stir until they begin to brown nicely and to start looking a little dehydrated- that is exactly what you want!


Once the sage and onion have been browned off and have cooled down, add them to the yogurt with a a good pinch of salt and pepper... stir-in well and allow them to work their magic for 15-20 minutes whilst the potatoes roast... simple! And... delicious!


And once those sweet potatoes are crispy and nicely browned around the edges... get ready! Because as un-spectacular as they may appear- be prepared for a spectacularly great flavor!


Oh yes- and that sage and onion flavored- yogurt? I promise you... you'll love it! Much better than sour cream! But SO much better! Word!

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