Saturday, 11 October 2014

Croque Mon Dieu!

Croque Mon Dieu!

Cheese on toast, anybody? How about Camembert cheese with spicy sausage, onion, mustard, honey, rosemary and thyme on toast? That sounds kind-of awesome, doesn't it? Of course it does. Because of course it is. In fact, it is almost OMG kind-of awesome- but don't just take my word for it!

Ok- so this will take maybe 10 minutes longer to make- but really, this is such a treat that it is well worth it! Again, relying on simple ingredients that just work well together, this makes for a perfect suppertime snack. It looks a bit indulgent and yet it takes so little to put it together. Just take a look and see...

Everyone knows the famous French "croque monsieur", which is a toasted ham and cheese sandwich and delicious for sure... but I have to say- this is just so much better! And I don't only say that because I made it- I say it much more so, because I ate it!


It's the balance between the spicy sausage and the sweet onion, the tangy mustard and the honey- and of course the rosemary and thyme that make this so unusual and terrific... but at the same time, it does have a wonderfully French kind of flavor to it... Mon Dieu indeed!


By way of bread, I used 2 rye rolls which already had a great wholesome flavor to them and to dress them up nicely with this great topping I added: 1/2 of a small Camembert cheese, 1 onion, 1/2 of a spicy Chorizo-type sausage, 1 sprig of rosemary, 3-4 sprigs of thyme and a tablespoon each of mustard and honey... yummy!

The only work to be done is slicing today... fine slicing! The thinner you slice, the quicker the onion will cook and the better it will soak up the great flavor of that spicy sausage.


Fry the sausage, onion and rosemary together until the onion is soft and golden brown and the sausage beginning to darken around the edges.


Sweet, spicy, golden... and delicious!


Whilst that is happening, stir together the honey and mustard- again- using a "little chick whisk" will get you superior results... Promise!


Toast the rolls from the outer sides first and then turn them over and spread out the sausage and onion.


Add a little of the honey and mustard to each...


...and top with a couple of slices of Camembert- or use more if you prefer... but you know me and melted cheese! At the same time... if you overdo it, that soft Camembert WILL ooze right over the edges very, very quickly!


Toast until golden brown, soft and juicy and rich on delicious on top and crispy around the edges... and sprinkle generously with fresh thyme before taking that first bite- mmm!


And I absolutely "X" my heart that you will love them!


I'm suddenly hungry again!

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