Sunday, 12 October 2014

Of Fools & Kings

Gewürz-Kaiserschmarrn mit Birne, Heidelbeeren & Mandeln
Spiced "Kaiserschmarrn" with Pear, Blueberry & Almond


I do live in Germany, after all- so even though I am a British-born, pure-bred Sicilian in a strange land... it can happen on occasion that I make some of "their" food. Especially the yummy stuff that I actually enjoy!

I have to admit that I am not the greatest fan of German food- delicious as it is, it is usually to heavy and calorie-ridden for my liking... too much meat, too much butter, too much frying... but there are of course exceptions to any rule and I am also perfectly capable of casting caution to the wind and simply indulging every now and again!

So here is my version of a German "Kaiserschmarrn" for you... which I have very little doubt that you will enjoy every last bit as much as I did- which means quite a lot!!!


"Kaiserschmarrn", or "kings nonsense"... what a name! Don't ask me where it comes from, 'cause I don't know for sure! Plainly to me, this must be an ages old dish that was set before a king to "amuse" him, a torn-apart cake/pan-cake, which is tossed in a frying pan and dusted with powdered sugar to give it a caramelized, irresistible coating to the fluffy and steaming interior... just wow!

Traditionally served with a vanilla sauce or custard, or even ice cream, sometimes with raisins, sometimes without... it is simply yummy!

But yes- you guessed it... mine was yummier still- and with a few less calories to boot!  


For 2 yummy portions, you will need: 2 eggs, 1 1/2 good cups of flour, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, 2 cups of blueberries, 1 pear, 1 teaspoon of coriander seed, 2 pods of cardamom, 1 tablespoon of cinnamon and a generous scattering of almond slices.


I had this for breakfast this Sunday- it is basically just an over-blown pancake after all- haha! But this is a wonderful treat at suppertime... or for a Sunday afternoon teatime treat... in fact- it just tastes great any time of the day- period!


Grind the coriander seeds and cardamom together and add to the flour with the cinnamon, baking powder, a pinch of salt and of course sugar. I would say that 1 tablespoon of sugar per egg is more than ample- but sweetness is a matter of taste! In MY version, I only added 1 tablespoon in all, as there will be the powdered sugar coming later... so I suggest you hold back a little at first, as you can always add more at the end.


Turn on your oven to get it nice and hot before you begin and then get stirring!


Mix the egg yolks together with the milk, whisk the egg whites up into stiff peaks, stir the spices and sugar into the flour and then begin. Pour the egg/milk mix into the flour and whisk it together until it is nice and smooth- it should have the consistency of a nice, thick pancake batter- so add a little more milk if necessary. Once the batter is nice and smooth, fold in the egg-whites gently but thoroughly and then allow the batter to rest for a while, whilst you start sizzling the pear in your frying pan...


I used 1 good teaspoon of butter- but that was all for the whole thing. More would have made for a richer taste, but also for more calories- so I will leave that decision up to you! I am just saying- less worked perfectly wonderfully for me!


Give the pear 2-3 minutes in the butter and as soon as it begins to change color, pour over the batter, sprinkle it generously with blueberries and almond slices and allow it to get nice and hot, again for just 2-3 minutes... and then transfer it to a very hot oven, 200°C, for 5 minutes, to fluff-up and "bake".


After 5 minutes, the Kaiserschmarrn will have risen up and be lovely and fluffy and light- just like this!


..which is where the "nonsense" begins- because now, using 2 wooden spoons, it is time to tear the Kaiserschmarrn into pieces! Crazy stuff! Haha!


 Gently toss the pieces over and allow them to get gently golden brown from all sides.


Scatter with powdered sugar and keep moving, so that it caramelizes on the outside and also, so that it sweetens up those berries as they pop and seep into the pear pieces... yummy!


Serve it up nice and steaming hot, with more sugar- and if you feel so inclined with a custard, or ice cream... or if not- then just simply enjoy, like I did!

And as it says on that little plate there- "Guten Appetit!"


  1. Hallo Francesco, da muss ich Dich enttäuschen - auch dieses Gericht ist kein deutsches, sondern ein österreichisches! Und Schmarrn heißt hier soviel wie Pfannkuchen. Viele Grüße von Andrea

  2. Au Danke Andrea! ich habe schon reingeschrieben das ich nicht wüsste wo der Name her kam... jetzt aber schon! Ausländer halt! ;-)