Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sub-Lime Suppertime

Merluzzo con Polvere di Foglie di Limone, Piccoli Bok-Choi & Peperone 
Kefir Lime-Powder Cod & Baby Bock Choi & Peppers

No, you are not mistake and yes, I did make a fish dish for supper this evening! I know- I am just as surprised as you are- and especially surprised that I enjoyed it so much! I am not much of a fish fan, but cod is one of the few fish (that I am familiar with), that I really enjoy. But I also enjoy doing something new and a little different with my food as you know...

...and as I had picked up this beautiful, tiny and tender, locally-grown (yay!) Bok Choi yesterday... I felt inspired to try doing something with a slightly Asian twist to it for a change. I have never done an Asian fish-dish... and wouldn't really know how to be honest! But this just had some nice flavors going on... the main one of which was powdered Kefir lime leaves... oh yes! That really IS something that exists! 

I adore the rich, citrus flavor of Kefir lime leaves, especially in Thai dishes- soups and curries in particular. So when I saw this in powder-form in a jar at my favorite Asian supermarket here in Frankfurt, of course I just had to buy it. I had no idea what to do with it at the time, but I knew a time would come when I would feel inspired in some way. And that time arrived this evening!

Obviously, I started off with the vegetables as they would take a little while longer and with fish dishes especially, it is all about timing, because you don't want to over-cook it. So I trimmed and washed the bok choi and let it drip-dry. Whilst that was happening, I finely chopped about 1" of ginger and a clove of garlic and began to stir-fry them in a little peanut oil, together with a red, pointy pepper that I had cut into thin strips. After about 2-3 minutes, I then added the still damp bok choi and of course there was a cloud of steam! So on went the lid... that was going to cook the bok choi for me wonderfully in just 3 minutes longer- in which time I quickly prepared the fish.

I lightly drizzled the cod pieces with sesame oil and a little light soy, stirred it through so that it all got coated lightly. I then heated up a second frying pan and dropped the fish gently in once it was hot enough, letting it brown nicely for a minute or so on each side. I then sprinkled it generously with the lime powder and added some Spring onion and thinly sliced ginger. I cranked up the heat, added another light drizzle of sesame oil, some green Tabasco and a squeeze of fresh lime juice... and out it came!

I gave the bock choi also a sprinkle of the lime powder... I have to admit, I was pretty taken by the zingy, citrus flavor, and a last light drizzle of sesame oil. I served up the fish and vegetables with a light splash of oyster sauce and enjoyed it with some plain white rice and loved the light, fresh, Summery citrus flavor! Now... where's the Summer?!? 

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