Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Technicolor Squeak-Show!

"Bubble & Squeak" di Patate Dolce e Cavoli Ricci
Sweet Potato & Kale Bubble & Squeak

I know that "bubble & squeak" is traditionally a breakfast dish, usually made of left-overs from a traditional English Sunday lunch- well, from the potatoes and greens that is... what a wonderful combination they make with bacon and eggs the morning after! But obviously I had no left-over veggies this evening and obviously I had a craving for some bubbling and squeaking! So I came up with a little variation on the theme- and took my old favorite up to another level!

Whilst the regular bubble and squeak is one of those guilty pleasures- it does end up looking a little monochrome in comparison to this. I rustled this freshly-made version up in just 20 minutes or so and it made for a yummy, hearty, comforting and filling evening treat! So put on your sunglasses, keep on reading and I will tell you how I did it!

I started off by cutting off about 3" of a large sweet potato, peeling it and chopping it into a large dice. I put this into my steam rack, which I set inside my saucepan containing the kale, so that the sweet potato would steam and be half-cooked by the time the kale was ready... that's what I call multi-tasking! 10 minutes is plenty of time- and after that the fun begins!

Start frying some finely chopped bacon in a non-stick pan and add the sweet potato as soon as it begins to sizzle. Keep the heat up high and and carefully fry from all sides until it becomes nice and brown. Add cumin seed, salt, pepper and nutmeg and make sure everything gets nicely coated. Now add the kale leaves and let them heat through nicely. Whilst that is happening, beat together 2 eggs- but not too thoroughly- I think it is nice for the whites and yolks to set separately.

Add the egg mix here and there around the pan in small batches, not all at once, stirring them in with everything else as soon as they have set- again, this is a personal preference of mine as I think it is much nicer to taste each separate ingredient rather than having a big mess. Season again with a little more salt, pepper and nutmeg and add a little splash of Worcestershire sauce... and you are ready to go!

One last thing- the last guilty pleasure, when enjoying this rather primitive culinary delight is a splash of either tomato ketchup or a steak sauce ;-) True gourmet's will know what I am talking about! And you will too if you try it!

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