Friday, 4 January 2013

Suppers of Mash Destruction!

Puré di Patate al Forno con Cipolla Glassata di Balsamico e Miele
Baked Mashed Potato with Balsamic & Honey Glazed Onion

A cold Friday night in Frankfurt... still feeling very conscious of the fact that Christmas, New Year and all of the over-indulgences that came with them feel omni-present (especially around my waist-line!), I was determined to make another simple and light evening meal...

But I was hungry! And it was cold! So I decided I would just make myself a nice baked potato... yum! That sounded like a great idea... until I got home and found that all I had was a selection of itty-bitty little potatoes... aargh! Not to be beaten by a couple of vegetables and raging with hunger, I took my peeler and got to work on changing my plan and making something much, MUCH tastier!

Once they were peeled, I chopped the 2 potatoes into quarters and steamed them for 15 minutes until they were soft, along with a half clove of garlic to add some richness and depth of flavor. I mashed them down, added a little olive oil rather than butter, a little nutmeg, salt and pepper, and whipped them up until they were nice and smooth. Simple. Like the best things in life... and almost for free as well! Haha!

All I needed to do them was to smooth them out in my baking dish and to fluff them into shape with a fork, into soft little peaks which would brown gently whilst the baked in the oven... which is where they went for the next 10-15 minutes whilst I prepared the onions to serve with them...

The onion was simply sliced and then sautéed briefly with a little olive oil at a high heat, then, when it began to turn translucent, I added a splash of water to deglaze the pan and to par-boil/steam it, so that it would soften and cook more quickly. I seasoned with salt and pepper and added a good squeeze of honey and a little splash of water, so that the honey would be slightly diluted and therefore not begin to darken and become bitter. Next came a splash of balsamic vinegar and a pinch of cinnamon- just a tiny hint! And that was it- off went the heat, out came the potatoes and "yum-yum!" went the cook!

A very basic and rudimentary "meal" maybe- but it was fine for this evening-  and on any other occasion would make a wonderful side serving to compliment a meat, liver or fish dish. Give it a try- you will soon see why!


  1. Basic yes, but there are few things as satisfying as a good potato purée. Add some beautifully caramelized onions and, well, you have a feast!

  2. That's how I see it too Frank... I see we think alike! Happy New Year to you- and a thumbs up on your new picture! Very nice! Francesco

  3. This dish looks gorgeous! I loved the picture!! Wish you a very happy new year.

    1. I am glad you like it Purabi! Happy New Year to you too!