Saturday, 2 June 2012

Tales of the Mild Peach

Pizzette Estive alla Pesca
Individual Summertime Pizza's with Peach

Back home in Frankfurt and not a moment to soon to catch the first of the Summer's peaches! For sure the best are yet to come, but these little beauties were really fruity and flavorful with a tangy kick that made them just right for this savory and yet sweet little snack here...

After more than 20 hrs of travel, I arrived home exhausted... and hungry! Somehow I managed to drag myself to the local grocery and picked up a net of peaches, a small pot of watercress, some cream cheese, some bacon and some pizza dough. I don't know what I was thinking... but I have a little favorite snack of mine which is made from apple, bacon, mustard and puff pastry... and I figured I could make something similar using the peaches.
Who knew it ended up tasting maybe even better??!?

I love the convenience of pre-made pizza dough. If you are in the States, you will find it in cardboard tubes in the refrigerated section of the supermarket... over here in Europe, we can buy it in rolls in a cellophane bag, already rolled out on grease-proof paper- perfect!

I simply cut myself rectangles of dough and then eased them into a nicer shape, rounding off the corners. I then gave them a nice coating of cream cheese that I had added chopped chives, a little crushed garlic, a little finely chopped parsley and salt and pepper to. Next came the peach slices and a nice, even sprinkle of finely chopped bacon... a pretty yummy combination!

I baked them at the highest setting in my pre-heated oven for 10 minutes and then removed them briefly to add a drizzle of honey over the peaches and a little salt and pepper, then returned them for a further 2-3 minutes to brown... delicious! And so EASY!

The finishing touch was a sprinkle of fresh watercress, to add an earthy, peppery note... and my wonderful little pizza snacks were done! I gobbled them down rather too quickly and lay down and slept... and dreamt of having made more of them! ;-)

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