Monday, 11 June 2012

Pigs Will Fly!

Torta Salata "Tatin" di Maiale, Pera, Miele & Timo
Pork, Pear, Honey & Thyme Tatin

Oh yes- this evening pigs did fly- because this dish was pretty heavenly! I mean it was up in the clouds  flavor-wise and that's for sure! I am not quite sure what got into me to make me think of doing a sweet and savory tatin... but I am glad I did it! I regret NOTHING!

You will have real fun making this- as usual it is quick, easy and inexpensive- and the best part is... that it all takes place in one frying pan of course! That should be reason enough in my book... but the fact that it tastes fantastic is a nice little extra- haha! Enough joking- let's get cooking!

First things first: turn on your oven and get it hot and ready for baking the pastry. Next- get your frying pan nice and hot and start the pork frying. I used another couple of slices from of pork tenderloin for this- it just makes it quick and easy. I didn't add any extra fat, butter or oil... the meat and the pears and onions will produce enough juice of their own. Next, add the pear slices and season everything well with salt, pepper, coriander powder, a little cinnamon, a little lemon juice and a pinch of cayenne. Add a little grated garlic, a couple of Spring onions and arrange everything evenly in the middle of your frying pan ready to be covered- the meat should not cook for too long or it may end up becoming a little dry. Now grab a hold of that puff-pastry... because you're almost done!

Cut your puff pastry into a circle using a sharp knife and spread generously with Dijon mustard. Sprinkle with thyme and place, obviously with the spread-side down, the pastry on top of the pork, onion and pears. Bake on the middle shelf for 10-15 minutes until brown and then, placing a plate on top of the pie, invert it and then slide it from the plate, back into the frying pan. There is a reason for this madness! Because now you can add a generous amount of fresh thyme, a little salt and pepper and a good trickle of honey before returning it briefly to get the pork and pears nicely browned. An after that... all you have to do is serve and enjoy! And you will- I guarantee it! :-)

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