Thursday, 21 June 2012

High Gloss!

Avocado con una glassa di Cointreau, Rosmarino e Miele, con Yogurt & Limone Rosso
Avocado with a Cointreau & Honey Glaze, Greek Yogurt + Blood Lime

Another one of my crazy and desperate ideas here, which are usually born of a desire to not let food go to waste rather than anything else! This avocado was ripe, ripe ripe! And I had finished my supper already! So obviously, the only way to go was with a new dessert!

The star of this dish is the glaze that I poured over the avocados... Cointreau, rosemary and those funky little blood-limes again- such a great combination! And as usual with almost everything that I do... it's so easy!

So, for the marinade, I blanched the blood lime slices in a little boiling water for a minute or so to reduce the bitterness, then poured off the water and added a cupful of fresh. To this water, I added a sprig of rosemary and a teaspoon of Stevia, a good splash of Cointreau and a tablespoon of honey. I brought this to the boil, reduced it to a simmer and let it infuse and reduce for 4-5 minutes. Once this has reduced down and thickened, cut your avocado in two and then pour the marinade over the top. Keep spooning the glaze over the avocado until it is cool and has soaked up all of those great flavors!

Serve with a couple of good scoops of Greek yogurt and mint and spoon the glaze and the cumquats the top... pretty simple- but pretty delicious! Hope you give it a go some time!

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