Saturday, 30 June 2012

A Pear of Tortillas

Tortilla con Formaggio Blu, Pera e Peperoncino
Blue Cheese, Pear and Chili Tortilla Rolls

A little late-lunchtime snack was the order of the day today- I got off to a slow start, breakfast came late and then lunch got postponed whilst I got down to other more important things- like getting myself out to the market! But hey- it happens to the best of us! And what can you do when you find yourself in that kind of predicament? That's right... improvise!

So basically this is just a cheese on toast really. It also takes precisely as little time to make as a regular cheese on toast- but is much more yummy and fun! There really isn't much to tell about putting these together... but the little bit that there is goesn a little something like this...

Take the tortillas and fold over each outside edge towards the middle to form a triple-layered strip. I have made these tortilla snacks many times before, but to be honest, I have always ended up rolling them when it came to eating them because they are so thin and delicate to handle. So this way I had a more substantial base to work from.

First of all, I spread the tortillas with a little sweet, coarse-grained mustard. I then sliced my pear thinly and laid down the slices evenly along the length. Next, I simply crumbled blue cheese over the top- not too much mind you, as it does melt very quickly and will become liquid and spill out everywhere if you are not careful!

I popped it under the broiler for 2-3 minutes, until the pears had softened and the cheese had melted, then took it back out and drizzled it lightly with honey, before returning it for a further 2-3 minutes until it was golden and brown and delicious!

I sprinkled it with finely chopped chives and a good sprinkle of chili flakes and then patted myself on the back for making such a tasty snack and waited no time in eating it up whilst it was still way too hot! That's how good it was! Mmmm!


  1. Thanks so much Thomas! It really is a pity I am so far away... I am sure I could learn a lot from you! Best wishes- Francesco