Monday, 6 February 2012

Steam Power!

Involtino di Pollo alla Menta, Marmalata di Arance e Cipolla & Verdure Miste
Roll of Chicken-Breast with Mint and Mustard Filling, Blood Orange Marmalade and Assorted Vegetables

This delicate, complicated and frightfully fussy little dish is actually anything BUT all of the aforementioned. Well- maybe it is rather delicate... in it's flavor at least. But it is indeed very quick and easy to make, light and delicious to enjoy and wonderfully healthy at the same time...

The best thing about it is that it is made from very inexpensive ingredients, with very little prep- work and is finished and ready to enjoy in around 20 minutes. And that has got to be a good thing!

The roll is made from a half of a chicken breast, which I cut by laying the knife down flat and splitting it carefully into 2. I spreaded the chicken with a coarse Dijon mustard and then covered the inside surface completely with fresh mint leaves. I then seasoned with salt, pepper and nutmeg and rolled it together tightly, starting with the narrow end and then wrapping it in Ceran-wrap nice and tightly then wrapping that, in turn, in aluminum foil.

I trimmed the snow peas and peeled the purple carrot, which I then cut on a diagonal. I then took my trusty steaming-stand and set it into a small saucepan in which I had water boiling away. Then in went chicken roll and the vegetables, on went the lid and that's where they stayed for the next 20 minutes, which gave me more than enough time to dice about a quarter of a sweet potato and to sautée it at a moderate heat in a little clarified butter- this took about 10 minutes in all.

Once the vegetables were steamed, I coated them lightly with a drop of olive oil and sprinkled them with a hint of my Salt of the Earth. I set the rolls of chicken onto a little of the blood orange and onion mustard that I made yesterday, which gave the whole thing a fruity, tangy flavor, which complimented the mustard and mint flavor of the rolls wonderfully and was a great contrast to the simple vegetables...  And very nice it was too!

And who would ever know it only took 20 minutes to make? 


  1. Come già detto su Facebook - sembra un dipinto. Finalmente ho anche trovata la ricetta!
    Complimenti (per tutte le Sue ricette) e saluti alla mia cittá natale, Francoforte.

  2. Mille Grazie Ariane- sei molto gentile! Mi fa tanto piacere che ti piace il mio blog! Saluti anche a te da Francoforte! Francesco