Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Butterfly Trap!

Farfalle alla Grappa con Agretti, Pomodoro & Scorze d'Arancia
Farfalle with Grappa, Saltwort, Tomato and Orange Zest

That's right my friends- this is one yummy bowl of pasta and is perfect to lure and catch your friends, families and loved ones at the dining table- they're going to love it! And I am pretty sure that you are too!

So, just to dumbfound you all a little, I am using a different name for the same old greens that I used on Sunday tonight. Sure- name stays the same for us English speakers, but saltwort is also known as "Agretti" in Italy... who knew? 

This dish is very easy to prepare- 15 minutes at the most... sounds like a deal already, don't you think? Start off by boiling the farfalle in unsalted water for 5 minutes- remember, we are going to be adding the saltwort, which has a natural saltiness to it and should be perfectly adequate for seasoning this dish.

In the meantime, trim off the root ends of the greens and rinse thoroughly. Next, finely chop a little garlic and Spring onion and set this to one side so that we have it close at hand when we come to put everything together in a few short minutes!

Once the pasta has boiled for 5 minutes, add the saltwort and continue to simmer for 2 more, then drain but  make sure to retain a little of the water and set to one side.

In a frying pan, sautée the crushed garlic and Spring onion in a little olive oil and when it begins to brown, deglaze with a generous shot of grappa and 1 tablespoon of orange zest. Now add the drained pasta and saltwort, grate generously with nutmeg and add a good splash of milk and continue stirring gently until the liquid gets absorbed and the pasta becomes smooth and delicious.

Serve with a few chunks of skinned tomato to add a little freshness, a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of cracked black pepper... and buon apetito!

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