Sunday, 12 February 2012

Beet You to it!

Insalata di Barbabietola Rossa, Sedano e Formaggio Fresco
Beetroot, Celery & Cream Cheese Salad

I am not much of one to buy any so-called convenience products- but one of the few that I do find to be a really good thing, are pre-cooked, steamed beets. Because let's face it- they are messy and rather time consuming... and apart from that- you really can't get them to taste that much better in their plain and unflavored form. These are cooked to perfection, juicy, sweet and with nothing added and nothing taken away.

So as a little starter this evening, I put together this simple salad. And as is so often the case, letting the pictures do the talking is the way to go...

Slice the beetroot as thinly as possible and spread it out on your serving dish and then add the other ingredients on top: thinly sliced celery and Spring onions, a little cream cheese, finely chopped chives and a light sprinkle of cress. In this case, I used cheese curd, but you could use any kind of mild, fresh cream cheese that you prefer. 

Sprinkle with a little seasoned herb-infused salt and drizzle lightly with honey. if you are not familiar with that, take a look at my post entitled "Salt of the Earth". The finishing touch here, is a few strips of orange zest, which add a nice, zingy freshness that brings out the best of all the other flavors... and boy, do they taste good together in this combination! Try it and see!

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