Saturday, 3 December 2011

Turning Over a New Leaf

Insalata Invernale di Cavolo Rosso, Finocchio, Arancia & Basilico
Winter Red Cabbage Salad with Fennel, Orange and Basil

So- onwards with the second of my Winter salads- and as you can see, this is the red cabbage I mentioned earlier... isn't that just the most beautiful color? All it took to make a substantial salad for myself was 2 leaves of cabbage and this was a relativel small one too- I would say, just a little bit larger than a grapefruit. Then, 1 orange, a handfull of basil leaves and nice slice of fennel later, I had whipped up another wonderful little creation. This time, the prep work went like this...

I shredded the cabbage finely and sprinkled it with salt and sugar- as with the kale. I also thinly sliced the fennel- including the thick stalks in this case, as they were nice and juicy and tender and not in the least woody.

Next step was to filet the orange. I peeled it, making sure to cut away any and all of the white outer layer and then using a very sharp knife, cut out the filet slices of orange from between the sections, and then started to arrange my salad nicely on a dish...

I made a dressing for this salad using orange juice, olive oil, ginger, a little ground star anis, a dash of Sambuca and a tiny hint of mustard.

After arranging the ingredients nicely and drizzling lightly with the dressing, I sprinkled the salad with some of my seasoned lavender salt, pulled up my chair, sat down and tucked in! Yes, using these unusual leaf vegetables makes for a great and healthy salad! I hope you think so too!

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