Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Fruity Beauty

Insalata di Finnochio, Albicocca, Fichi e Cumquat
Fennel, Apricot, Fig and Cumquat Salad

There isn't much of a story to this little entry- except to tell you that it was late in the evening and I was still hungry! Ravenous, I went to the fridge to see what would be reasonable to snack on. I didn't want to get cooking again at 10.30 pm, so my best option was to make a salad!

So the salad got made out of the same ingredients that I used for my baked pudding on Sunday- how cool? I love it when you can make 2 totally different dishes out of the same ingredients! This combination of fig, apricot and cumquats was transformed completely by having fennel added and being seasoned with crushed sea salt, freshly ground pepper and a little thyme and of course the delicious fennel leaves... yummy!

 I dressed it with a drizzle of olive oil, a little white balsamic vinegar, a few droplets of honey and a squeeze of lime. That makes for a pretty yummy and tasty late-night snack! And yes. a totally healthy one at that! So what's not to love? Go make it yourself!

It may be Winter outside- but in this little bowl of salad is a blast of sunshine. Here's one last shot for you... don't you wish you could just take a fork and try it right now?

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