Sunday, 4 September 2011

We are Most Amused!

Fichi, Feta, Pancetta e Menta con Miele & Grissini
Fresh Fig with Feta Cheese, Honey, Bacon and Grissini

Most of us give ourselves a hard time thinking of something to tickle our guests fancy with as an appetizer. Now, this may be a rather large portion to serve as an "amuse geuele", but it is the combination that I want you to consider... Sweet fig, salty Feta cheese, fresh mint, pungent thyme and delicious honey... let me tell you- if that doesn't amuse your guests palates... kick them out! Get new ones!

I wish I could show you individual slices of fig, with a crumble of cheese on top, sprinkled with thyme, drizzled with honey and served on a leaf of mint... but I can't. I only just thought of serving it that way and I have already eaten it all! But you can take my word for it... together with the crunch of the grissini, it makes for a delightful snack which is no work at all... and will leave us more time to enjoy drinks with the guests!

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