Thursday, 29 September 2011

Pulp Figtion

Pizza con Fichi, Pancetta, Olive, Cipollini, Basilico e Parmigiano
Grill-Pan Pizza with Fig, Bacon, Olive, Spring Onion, Basil and Parmesan Cheese

Yes, I am sure you are all familiar with my frying pan pizza's by now and other than listing the ingredients for the topping, I know there isn't that much more to say about them... So maybe for a change I won't. I will keep it brief and I will let the pictures do the talking for me.

The only "trick" to making this delicious little snack, is that you need to fry the bacon in a dry pan for a while before putting it onto the pizza- just get it cooked but not browned off- the broiler will do that for you in no time. The trick is, once the bacon has been removed, drop the basil into the  pan and give it a good stir to soak up the juices and fat from the bacon.

If you didn't do this, the leaves would dry up and burn in the oven, but this way, they will turn dark, sure, but they will crisp up wonderfully and also be seasoned and delicious from the bacon juices. You could of course also dip them in olive oil- but I prefer the flavor of the bacon. That's about all you need to know... everything else is plain to see in the photos...

So I hope you have enjoyed them... and are on your way out to get some fresh figs before they are completely out of season!

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