Sunday, 21 February 2016

Forget Me Knots

Sfogliatini di Mirtilli Americani, Pistacchi & Cannella
Little Cranberry, Pistachio & Cinnamon Puff-Pastries

A sweet treat? Ok- sure! And why fuss? Isn't life stressful enough already without you adding to it? oh boy- is it ever! So this Sunday Morning I decided to take it easy- and make it easy!

Take simple, buttery puff-pastry, add a few nice, tasty ingredients, don't fuss, don't fret and just let it happen!

They are not particularly pretty, it's true- but you know- it only takes 2 bites to finish one of these off, hehe! Oh, maybe next time around I will fuss over the optics more- but then again- most probably... I won't! After all- it is the flavor that is the most important thing! And the flavor was great!

The ingredients were as simple as the title itself says... a roll of puff pastry, and enough cinnamon, cranberries and ground pistachios as it takes... you'll see! wink emoticon Just a couple of tablespoons of each- no recipe, no worries!

And you don't need any more fat than is in the pastry, nor sugar than is in the dried cranberries... the cinnamon adds the spice and the pistachios that wonderful, Sicilian brand of nuttiness... how much more could you need than that?

Simply unroll the pastry and sprinkle generously and evenly with all of the ingredients. As you can see, I diced up my cranberries as they would otherwise have been too large- I recommend you do the same, because otherwise, these little pastries will be difficult to roll and the exposed cranberries will burn and become bitter in the oven. 

Oh- and whilst we are on the subject of the oven... turn it on and get it hot and ready in advance!

Cut the pastry into strips of around 2" across the width of the roll and then make a cut down the center of the length of the roll, dividing each strip into two.

And now simply roll-up each of the strips.

Then, pinch and squeeze them together in the middle to seal them shut...

..and fold the exposed ends upwards a little, so that the pastry will puff-open better.

Bake in a hot oven, at 180°C, for 20-25 minutes, until they are puffed-up and golden brown like this- see? I told you it was crazy-easy to do!

But, you know... who really needs much more than this? wink emoticon

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