Friday, 5 February 2016

Dude- Where's My Spoon?!?!

Crema di Ricotta, Rosmarino, Lampone, Miele, Pistacchi di Bronte
Ricotta Cream with Rosemary, Raspberries, Honey and Pistachios from Bronte

No time to make dessert? Not really "good" at making those sweet dishes? Ha! You are beginning to sound like me!

So- the thing to do, if you are in the mood for a sweet treat, or need to whip something up for guests to end a nice meal, without stressing- is to just choose a couple of nice ingredients and let them do all of the hard work for you...

I am Sicilian, so it is no surprise that I love ricotta cheese- and even a lower fat one, like this, with a little fresh fruit and honey, already is guaranteed to taste delicious.

But you KNOW we can do better than that!

2 tablespoons of ricotta, 1 handful of raspberries, 1 tablespoon each of honey and chopped pistachios... and a sprig of rosemary!

Those were my ingredients- and this is what I made from them!

Sure, you can add thickening agents and gelatin, you can add cream and you can add loads of sugar- but can also choose to have less stress and just as much flavor, chill out, relax and make something simple like this.

Simply combine your raspberries, ricotta and the very finely chopped rosemary in a bowl and grab yourself a fork... you could use a machine- but I preferred not to this evening...

Simply mash down the raspberries into a pul and stir everything briskly together- use a whisk if you prefer- but leave yourselves a few little chunks of raspberry in there! Let this just be rough and ready and good to go as it is!

You can choose to add a little sugar at this point if you prefer, but I like to leave the fruit to be tangy, the ricotta to be neutral and creamy, the rosemary to bring the perfume and the honey to add the sweetness later on as a contrast.

Stir briskly until everything is well blended and then serve by spooning the ricotta cream into a serving ring or a large cookie cutter and then lifting that away. 

Sprinkle with coarsely chopped pistachios... and then make a grab for that honey!

Of course it's simple! But it looks great and tastes great- so whoever would you want to start acting pretentious and making things into a chore! 

And with a couple of berries and a nice drizzle of honey... wow! Just wow!

Dude- where's my spoon?!?!

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