Monday, 4 January 2016

Totally Grate Spaghetti!

Spaghetti con Cime di Rapa, Salsiccia Piccante, Semi di Finocchio & Provolone Stagionato
Spaghetti with Broccoli Rabe, Spicy Salami, Fennel Seeds & Mature Provolone Cheese

Apparently, it was "World Spaghetti Day" today. Which is all well and good. Because I love spaghetti and I could eat it EVERY day. Just... who the heck thinks these things up, anyway?!?!

In any case, as you can see, I made myself a nice big plate of spaghetti and I prepared it using one of my favorite combinations of ingredients- bitter-sweet broccoli rabe and spicy, Calabrian salami. And of course- the all important fennel seeds needed to go in there too. As well as the last chunk of rich, mature, Provolone, grated generously on top. 

Well- I needed something to cheer me up after my first day back to work this year!

This is as simple and as tasty as can be to make. The fennel seeds make the bitter greens and the fat in the salami easier to digest. The cheese just makes it more ridiculously delicious than it already would be. And the whole thing is prepared and cooked in way less than half an hour.

Good eh?

So- for 2 nice portions of spaghetti, you will need... of course- spaghetti! Put your forefinger and thumb together and make an "O". The amount of spaghetti that will fit into that "O" is about as much as you should be eating relative to your body size. Apparently. lol!

Otherwise- you will need a few stalks of tender broccoli rabe, just 3"-4" inches of spicy salami, 1 shallot or a small onion, about a teaspoon of fennel seeds and some nice, mature cheese for grating- I used Provolone this time, but Parmigiano, Grana or Pecorino would also be excellent. And... no olive oil- for a change!

As you can see from this photo, the spaghetti is nice and shiny and lush enough, relying simply on the fat from the salami and the cheese, that you really do not need any further oil- it tastes great just the way it is- and most always- less is more! Plus... I allowed myself to add a little more cheese than I would have normally at the end as well! wink emoticon

Start off by frying the think liked shallot, with equally thinly sliced salami, the stalks of the broccoli rabe, which I halved or cut into quarters to make thinner and the fennel seeds, which begin giving their great flavor straight into the fat as soon as the salami starts to sizzle.

Fry until the shallot and the stalks begin to brown and the salami begins to crisp-up.

At the same time, bring your water to the boil and begin boiling the spaghetti, with a good pinch of salt.

Once the spaghetti has boiled for around 3 minutes and is soft enough to stir, transfer it to the frying pan with plenty of water, enough to cover it and add the thinly sliced leaves and the florets of the broccoli.

Keep cooking, stirring and boiling all of the ingredients together now, so that all of the flavors mingle nicely.

Boil and stir for a good 4-5 minutes, until the water has practically evaporated away and been absorbed and both the spaghetti and the greens are nicely cooked through. You will see that the remaining little bit of water has a nice sheen to it from the juices of the salami and onion- a perfect, light dressing for this dish!

Serve up, piping hot and with no further ado! But... do not forget one thing... grate it generously with cheese!

And of course to give it a stir through before tucking-in and enjoying!

Simple and delicious... Buon appetito!

And yes. I did eat the whole lot! Don't judge me!

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