Sunday, 24 January 2016

A Mad Scramble!

Uova Strappazzate con Pomodori Secche, Feta & Menta
Scrambled Eggs with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Feta Cheese & Mint

Scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast? And why not?!? Sounds like a great idea to me- something I hadn't eaten in AGES and something that tickled my fancy this morning...

...and so scrambled eggs it was for breakfast- but not just any old scrambled eggs of course!

Another thing I haven't had for ages and something that I always used to love when my mother would prepare it, was "Sicilian styled" French toast- bread, dipped in egg, flavored with mint and sun-dried tomatoes and fried... absolutely delicious!

Well- this had the same flavors, less fat and plenty of flavor all the same- especially with a little added feta cheese! Delicious indeed!

For enough scrambled eggs to top 4 half-rolls, I needed just 2 eggs, 1/3rd of a block of Feta cheese, 3 sun-dried tomato halves, fresh mint, pepper, red peppercorns and a little olive oil.

This can be made in just the time it takes to prepare your toast- is easy, economical and delicious and will brighten up any morning- or intact entire day, when you decide to make it. 

Basically... just like every other dish I have ever prepared too! haha!

Simply crack the eggs into a bowl, add plenty of finely chopped mint, the finely chopped tomatoes, half of the feta cheese and a splash of milk and simply stir well together with a fork. No fussing.

And soon you will have an even mixture like this- ready for frying.

Pour the mixture into a hot pan with a little olive oil and wait for the egg to just start to set around the edges...

...and then slowly begin to push the egg back on itself as it sets- do not go scraping about wildly! Go slow, be gentle and see how lovely it becomes.

Don't let the egg cook for too long- once there is next to no transparent white left visible, set the pan to one side and let the residual heat finish the cooking process whilst you prepare the toast for topping.

Serve with a crumble of the remaining Feta cheese and a sprinkle of crushed red peppercorns on top... add a mint leaf or two to make it pretty- and enjoy!

because, good heavens- what's not to love about this?!?!?

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