Saturday, 27 September 2014

Rice that's So Nice!

Risi, Bisi & Finferli
Rice, Peas & Chanterelles


We are still at the height of the chanterelle season here- and with them being relatively inexpensive still, I could hardly ignore them now, could I?!?!

Nope, into a bag they went and home they got taken! And this simple but delicious dish was the result of the whole thing- yes indeed!


The best thing to do when preparing chanterelles, is to keep the method simple and to enhance their own lovely flavor as possible- like this!


For this recipe, which is not a risotto and much less labor intensive to prepare, I needed 2-3 cups of mushrooms, 1 cup of short grain rice, 1 handful of finely chopped bacon, 1 cupful of frozen green peas and a little parsley.


Less fat, less work, plenty of flavor and ready in just 20 minutes or so- this is a dish to keep in mind for those emergency evening meals that can be whipped up out of a simple ingredients.


 I washed the chanterelles thoroughly and allowed them to dry out... then about an hour or so later, I finely chopped the Spring onion, popped my handful of bacon into the frying pan and let it begin to sizzle.

At the same time, I started the rice boiling in about 3 times the amount of water... multi-tasking is the order of the day!


... and when it had become nice and brown, I reached out for the chanterelles as they were next in line!


I gave them a good pinch of salt and pepper and kept them sizzling at a nice high temperature.


Next, add the thawed-out peas, the rice and plenty of freshly grated nutmeg... yummy yummy!


Just a short toss, stir and a brief sizzle later, everything was nicely blended and ready to be served and enjoyed... I simply added a little more freshly ground pepper and some chopped parsley and as you can see, there is no need for any more oil, butter, cheese or anything- this is simply perfect as it is!


 Dinner is served! Get it whilst it's hot!

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