Saturday, 13 September 2014

Berry Simple- Berry Delicious!

Crema di Avocado, More & Menta con Yogurt
Cream of Avocado with Blackberry & Mint and Yogurt


I don't usually indulge in dessert after my meals... if I have guests- sure! But on a regular night on my own, I tend to skip the sinful stuff...

...only it is also possible to make something gorgeous and delicious without it even being sinful at all! If you know how... And I do!


This is simple, not too sweet, low fat, high flavor and whipped up in a flash! Basically it is an avocado-enriched fruit yogurt... sinful, harmless... and healthy at the same time!


Here you can see the flavors that went into my little dessert- even if I DID "cheat" a little and used mint syrup to flavor the little scoops of mint-flavored avocado... it is just smoother and better!

Otherwise- I managed to get 2 nice, delicate sized portions from just 1 avocado, 1 small carton of blackberries, a touch of lemon juice, some powdered sugar and a little plain yogurt... It ain't what you use- it's the way that you use it!


It may be very, very simple, but it is very, very tasty- and that's all that matters, right? This is just the kind of thing that I like, pretty but not fussy, with no special gadgets, sieves or other gizmo's involved... it's fine just the way it is, thank you!


First, take 2 thin, little slices from the avocado and set them to one side for a garnish, later and then simply mash the avocado down nice and smooth with a fork- as I just said... no need to fuss!


Then, take 2 thirds of the avocado pulp, add a little lemon juice, 3/4 of the berries and enough powdered sugar to sweeten it to taste. Keep a few berries to add whole at the end.


Add a little mint syrup to the remaining third of the avocado- it should be plenty sweet enough as it is, without you needing to add any more sugar.


Believe it or not- that was all there was to it- the rest is just a case of putting it together decoratively and the flavors combine all by themselves... so yep! This really IS an easy one!

Start off by spooning out the blackberry/avocado creme first...


Next, using 2 teaspoons, scoop the mint-flavored avocado cream on top and add a few whole, fresh berries.


 Add the avocado slices and a sprig of mint to each serving and you are ready to go!


 The flavor of the blackberries is rich and intense- as is the mint... which of course is excellent in itself... but with a drizzle of fresh yogurt to help make things a little milder... it will be a little better still... you'll see...

Yes indeed! That's more like it!

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