Sunday, 28 September 2014

Get Reddy!

Zuppa di Barbabietola Rossa con Latte di Cocco, Curry Thailandese, Zenzero, Rosmarino, Salvia & Arachidi
Beet Root Soup with Coconut Milk, Thai Curry, Ginger, Rosemary, Sage & Peanuts


Autumn has arrived and so has my longing for warming, wonderful soup! Always comforting and always satisfying no matter what... soup always hits the spot... at least it does for me!

This evening, I improvised a little bowl of fusion, with fresh beetroot, rosemary and sage, crossed with ginger, Thai Massaman curry paste and creamy and delicious coconut milk... topped-off with chapped-up salted peanuts! Oh yes!


For one nice, big bowl of soup I needed 2 beets, about 2" of fresh ginger, 1 Spring onion, 4-5 leaves of sage, 1 stalk of rosemary, 1 teaspoon of Massaman curry paste, 1 small-sized can of coconut milk, a little fresh parsley and a handful of salted peanuts.


All I can say is that this was probably that tasty that a Russian would push his Borscht to one side and be tempted to try something new! I'm not kidding! Well, actually I am- but we all want to have a bit of fun now and again now, don't we?  


I diced up the beets and the Spring onion and finely chopped the ginger- that was all the prep-work involved! Other than opening one of those small 1/3rd-sized cans of coconut milk that is... and got busy making my yummy soup!


I began by heating up the coconut milk. As soon as it began to boil, I added the curry paste, the ginger and the herbs, seasoned with plenty of freshly ground pepper and some Thai fish sauce and let it bubble away for 5 minutes.


 After 5 minutes, I added the diced beets and the chopped Spring onion, stirred them in and topped up the saucepan with boiling water until the beets were just covered. I reduced the heat to a rolling simmer and left it to gently cook along all by itself for 15 minutes.


And after 15 minutes, the beets were almost cooked through, but the coconut milk and water had become a lovely, flavorful broth thanks to the spices, herbs and ginger... it smelled absolutely terrific!


I transferred all of the solids into a taller saucepan before blending them with an immersion mixer... and made sure to pull a tea towel over the top too! No reason to get the whole kitchen- including yourself splashed... because as pretty as that color may be. you will not be happy to have those stains to get rid of!

Of course, if you have a blender or mixer, that would be even better... but I haven't! So I couldn't! But that didn't stop me!

I added the pureed beets back to the broth in my saucepan and stirred it in again. I know some people would want to put this through a sieve and be all fussy about it and everything... but you know what? I LIKE to have some texture to my soups and don't particularly care for those smooth, strained soups myself, I find them boring... and I think that life's too short! So there!


I served up my soup, steaming hot, with a sprinkle of finely chopped parsley, a nice blob of coconut milk, a scattering of chopped, salted peanuts... and the end of my sprig of rosemary to make it a little prettier!


Simple, colorful and absolutely bursting with flavor- this is unmistakably one of my kinds of dishes! And I hope you all approve of it too!


Absolutely not a Thai recipe and absolutely no problem at all! It's always nice to try something new!

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