Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Rice, Rice, Baby

Riso Fritto "Tom Yum" con Verdure & Uova
Tom Yum Fried Rice with Mixed Vegetables & Egg

With nothing but the south of Italy on my mind as my vacation draws near, how did I end up making an Asian inspired supper this evening? The answer is simple really...

At this point, almost halfway through the week, it is a case of "everything must go!" as far as my fridge is concerned... and this is what happens when I get radical about things... Pretty nifty, eh?

It is amazing how easy it is to make an incredibly tasty meal from simple ingredients if you just improvise and go with the flow! Just look what you have, think what works well together and make the most of what you've got... Your food need never be boring if you keep an open mind!

I have to apologize for having forgotten one of the ingredients in my picture here, but you will have noticed there was a shallot in the mix of vegetables too from the other pictures... Please forgive me!

Along with it were, 2 small carrots, 1 stalk of celery, a handful of sugar snap peas, the remaining half each of a red, yellow and green pepper ( from last night... Waste not-want not!), a piece of galangal, 3 stalks of fresh Peppe (now black and no longer green) and 1 heaped teaspoon of Tom Yum shrimp paste. Oh... And the last egg in the house! lol!

The result was a yummy, rich and flavorful dish, with the tangy galangal, shrimp paste and peppercorns contrasting with the mild fried egg and fresh vegetables... You couldn't really want for more!

Apart for the sugar snap peas which I simply topped and tailed and the galangal which was finely chopped, the other ingredients were cut into similar bite-sized pieces. And the peppercorns were simply plucked from the stems of course 

I beat the egg, but no too thoroughly, so that there are equal amounts of egg yolk and egg white in it. I then flipped it over, fried it for a minute longer, then removed it from the pan and cut it into strips to add to the rice later.

And then of course, I set about stir-frying the vegetables, starting with the galangal and peppercorns for 2-3 minutes, before adding the rest. I stir-fried them at a moderately high heat until the shallot began to turn a little translucent.

At that point, I added the Tom Yum paste and stirred it in well... And suddenly everything started to smell even more yummy than it already was!

Next came the rice and the peas, a good splash of soy sauce, a little drizzle of sesame oil... And a lot more heat!

And after a further 3-4 minutes, the rice was lovely and gold brown, filled with flavor from the galangal, shrimp paste and soy and ready to be served up with the shredded egg roll and a nice drizzle of Hoisin sauce... Tom YUM indeed!

I would say, that considering there was hardly anything at home... This turned out to be one hell of a treat this evening! Because there is always something yummy you can make! So go ahead and do so! Like me! 

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