Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Simply the Rest!

Verdure Mediterraneo Arrostite
Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables

Christmas is just around the corner and I will be traveling to see the folks back in the old country- so it is time to empty out the fridge again before I go! But you know, I always kinda like the challenge of straining my brain and coming up with some idea to not let any good food go to waste- if there is one thing I hate it is for that to happen!

So here we go... this evening it was just a very simple affair, but tasty all the same. Just a nice mix of veggies that go well together, roasted with herbs, garlic, olive oil and honey... and as I say- SO delicious! Great as a side dish, but with some crusty bread and a glass of red wine, it was fine as a light evening meal in itself... 

Basically, all I did was to slice both the zucchini and the assorted mini-bell peppers into slices and to drizzle them lightly with olive oil. Well, that was the first step at least. I then added crushed garlic, Herbs de Provence, salt and pepper and got everything nicely coated. All I needed to do now was to arrange everything in layers- not absolutely necessary, but a little prettier- so well worth the 5 minutes more time.

I then added just a small splash of water and covered my baking dish with foil- this was so that I would get a little steam accumulating under the foil, to cook the veggies faster and to keep them nice and moist. I popped them into the oven at the highest setting for 10 minutes and then brought them out to add a few Kalamata olives, a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of fresh thyme... then back in they went for 5 minutes- and the obligatory additional 2-3 minutes under the broiler. Finito and buon apetito! 

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