Sunday, 2 December 2012

Perfectly Spektakular!

Gelato di Yogurt con Biscotti e Spezie di Natale, Granatina e Menta
Yogurt-Spekulatius Parfait with Grenadine & Mint

We are all familiar with frozen yogurt by now, refreshing and light yet creamy and wonderful in the Summer months. But how about now, in December... it can also me made into a seasonal treat that is classy and delicious and so easy to make!

Again, I am using the German Christmas cookies known as "Spekulatius" to make mine, but you can use any other spicy cookie- something with ginger would be fine too. The term "parfait" is also a rather silly one, as the word simply means "perfect"... so for all intents and purposes, it just means a "fussy" production, rather than a simple block of ice cream. But this here is much less fussy than it looks and a lot more fun!

I started off by mixing crushed Spekulatius, raisins and slivered almonds into so plain low-fat yogurt. I added a little Stevia, some cinnamon and a tiny squeeze of lemon, and then I stirred everything together well. I put my yummy mix of yogurt, nuts, raisins and cookies into the freezer for around 30 minutes, then took it out and stirred it again. 30 minutes later I did the same thing again. 

At the same time, I took a little yogurt and separated it into 2 small bowl and added grenadine and mint syrup to each respectively. And these too went into the freezer and also got the stirring treatment.

After an hour and a half, of stirring, the yogurt mix is nice and firm and can be filled into a couple of those stainless steel serving rings, with a spoonful or two of each of the 2 flavored toppings... easy! Back into the freezer they went until 1 hr later when I was ready to serve!

I served them up on a base of crumbled Spekulatius and sprinkled everything with coconut to make it pretty and to remind us of a snowy Winter Wonderland! COOL!

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