Monday, 10 December 2012

Vegetable Mash-up!

Puré di Patate allo Zenzero con Cavolini di Bruxelle e Barbabietola Rossa
Ginger Mashed Potato with Beets & Sprouts

Amazing but true- I had a meatless Monday today! Just kidding- you know that I often have vegetarian dishes on offer- but I have to admit, I really was tempted to add some bacon to this one ;-) This could easily be a great side dish to go with any festive menu and I simply wanted to try out the combination this evening... and who knew it would be fine as it was as a meal in itself!

I used for convenience' sake, pre-cooked beets, which is definitely the way to go. You can not peel, steam and prepare them better- they come out of the vacuum-sealed pack tasting sweet and mild and are just perfect! There- I have admitted it! I am talking about plain-cooked beets here, not in a can or a jar, not soaking in any nasty liquids- just the simple beets as nature intended... only shrink-wrapped in plastic ;-)

I steamed the potatoes and sprouts together to save time- the potatoes went in first and after 10 minutes I added the sprouts... so after 20 minutes cooking time in all, both were ready. 

I grated a little ginger onto the potatoes, added a little lime juice and then mashed them with a little sesame oil rather than butter... this was intended to be a whole different flavor to the usual buttery, creamy mash we all love. And sure- I love that too... but I love adventure more!

The sprouts went into my frying pan with some chopped shallot and garlic and also a little sesame oil... once the onion had become translucent, I added the beets and seasoned with some of my "Salt of the Earth"- the recipe of which you can find here:

All that was left to do, was to spoon the mashed potato into a baking dish, add the beets and sprouts, a last little sprinkle of salt- and then off into the oven they went for 10 minutes or so, until they came back up to temperature and became toasty and delicious on top. Yum! Amazing what you can do with some plain ol' ordinary vegetables... and pretty and delicious too! Enjoy!

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