Sunday, 14 October 2012

So Long Summertime!

Carpaccio di Manzo con Insalata di Rucola, Arancia, Finnocchio & Uvetta
Beef Carpaccio Salad with Arugula, Orange, Fennel & Grapes

With a little sigh, I bid the almost non-existent European Summer farewell today... Hope to see you in 2013! Because we sure didn't see much of you in 2012!!!

Still- there is no point in being bitter- especially when you are hungry! So I ignored the rain and the cold outside and prepared my little carpaccio all the same- sheesh! It had been sunny and fine yesterday when I bought it- and today was freezing cold with torrential rain! The moral of the story being- you have got to move fast sometimes if you want a nice meal! And this little appetizer is done in next to no time. Let me tell you how...

Obviously, there is not much work (if any!) involved in this- especially if you have the butcher slice up your filet paper thin for you like I did! Of course the only real "work" involved, is in deciding on which ingredients to use for your salad and which dressing you want to make. I decided to use orange, fennel and grapes and so the dressing solution was already made, when I cut the orange filets out and had a handful of leftover orange- which I squeezed into a little bowl and used as the basis for my dressing.

I added olive oil, honey, a splash of white wine vinegar and salt to the juice and whisked it together until it was nicely blended. I poured this over the salad and meat and then sprinkled it with a mixture of black and red pepper and some sea salt that I had ground with my mortar and pestle. Yes, I kept it that simple! Fresh flavors, fresh produce and no nonsense... I'd had enough of that from the weather already today!

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