Friday, 12 October 2012

Plum Drunk!

Prugne Ubriachi con Granatina & Mandorle
Drunken Plums with Grenadine & Almonds

A quick, easy and seasonal dessert that takes care of itself whilst you enjoy your meal could possibly look like this- which is pretty nice, isn't it? Plums are everywhere at the moment, in pies and cakes and of every variety- and I am not complaining because they are simply delicious!

These plums were firm and juicy and it would have been a shame to have cooked them down too much- so instead, I decided to marinate them a little in a little Vecchia Romagna (you can use your own liquor of choice) liquor, along with a dash of grenadine, just to give them a richer flavor and a light glaze. I sprinkled them with a little cinnamon, drizzled them with a little honey and let them sit for 10-15 minutes... and then the fun began!

I turned the oven up to full power and popped my little ramekin onto the middle shelf to heat up and set my frying pan on the stove with the heat turned up high and gave the plums a quick toss and stir-fry for 4-5 minutes. Once they began to slightly turn translucent, I added the slivered almonds, stirred them through, spooned them into the hot ramekin, put the lid on top, popped them into the oven and turned off the heat. There was enough residual heat in the ramekin and in the oven, that 20 minutes or so later, after I had finished my first course, the plums were plump and juicy and delicious! I gave them 1-2 minutes under the broiler to crisp-up the almonds on the surface- but by then the smell was amazing and I couldn't wait to try them out!

Wonderful when hot, but for sure just a delicious the day after when cooled from the fridge, this is a simple and fun way to prepare plums! And I hope you enjoy them too!

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