Monday, 25 July 2011

Roll Me Over!

Involtini di Tacchino con Avocado, Albicocca, Chorizo e Sale Aromatico
Turkey Rolls with Avocado, Apricot and Chorizo and Aromatic Salt

Finally, something resembling a sun ray peeked through the clouds here today- Amazing! It is still rather dull and gray here in Frankfurt, but the occasional patch of blue sky gave us back a little hope that we might just get a taste of Summer yet this year. But just in case we don't... I decided to make another simple dish that tastes OF Summer! Have 10 minutes of time on your hands? Good! Then follow me into the kitchen...

Basically, this is another of those meals that I magic together out of a few little leftovers. I hate letting things go to waste and I often have small amounts of produce that I somehow don't manage to use, living on my own. So this evening, it was a slice of turkey breast, that I considered too thin for yesterdays meal... but that was just perfect for rolling. That and a little of the lavender, star anise and herb salt. Oh and a few more slices of Chorizo. I I took an avocado, an apricot and a little divine inspiration and came up with this delicious and simple combination!

Ok, first things first... take 4 chive leaves, pop them into a plate and pour boiling water over them so that they soften. We are going to use these to tie our rolls up. The rolls are made from 4 turkey strips of about 1 1/2 ". Spread them with mustard and lemon jam, roll them up and tie them into shape. The lemon and mustard are a great flavor combination and the jam will keep the meat moist, juicy and delicious. Fry them at a moderate heat in a little clarified butter, for 5-6 minutes until they are golden brown. You are not going to need any seasoning at all as we are going to use the lavender/herb salt... so on with the rest!

Cut the avocado in half, remove the stone and cut into thin wedges. Do the same with the Apricot and arrange decoratively on your plate. I added the Chorizo for a sudden blast of intense flavor, which went well as a counterpoint to the mild and fruity avocado and apricot. Add the turkey rolls and sprinkle everything lightly with the aromatic salt mix... and say welcome back to the Summertime! Enjoy!

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