Monday, 12 October 2015

Souper-Quick Soup!

Brodetto di Zucchina, Verdure & Pastina
Zucchini & Vegetable Broth with Soup Noodles


Everybody has one of those days, when they don't feel so well, every once in a while... a slightly upset tummy, just feeling a little "under the weather", feeling a little weak and as if those cold-symptoms are creeping back to haunt us once again... Well, this is the kind of thing to make for supper on one of those days!

There are lots and lots of types of "pastina" on the market, in all kinds of shapes... But these tiniest of pasta are great, because they quickly transform the lightest, healthiest broth of any kind into a nice, light but satisfying soup!


I used zucchini as the main ingredient in this little vegetable broth, which was great because it cooked really quickly and made it "bulk out" the vegetable broth nicely... Perfect for a quicker result on those days when you don't feel like standing at the stove all day!


What you can see here are the ingredients to make 1 nice, big bowl of soup... So this is the amount for one person and it is easy to scale up your quantities should you be preparing it for more.

1 zucchini (round in this case, although regular is fine), 1 small carrot, 1 stalk of celery, 1 spring onion, 9-10 small cherry tomatoes, a handful of fresh peas (5-6 pods), some fresh parsley and of course, salt, pepper and olive oil.


You'll need to do plenty of chopping, but the fact that all of the vegetables are so finely chopped means that the soup will cook more quickly... And we like that! Right? 


Start off by frying the finely chopped carrot, celery and onion in a little olive oil and make sure to add the stalks of the parsley, finely chopped too... They have lots of flavor!


Fry for 2-3 minutes and then add the zucchini and peas.


Once the zucchini has softened considerably, add the tomatoes (cut into quarters) and the peas and keep on sizzling away for a further 2-3 minutes.


Add enough boiling water to cover everything well, check if the seasoning is still ok and allow to simmer for a further 15 minutes or so.


After 15 minutes, add your cupful of pasta and stir through. The packet normally instructs you to boil for 3-4 minutes, but generally speaking, you are better off cooking it for a couple of minutes longer.


Serve with some freshly ground pepper and a drizzle of olive oil and enjoy... Because sometimes, something simple like this is just what the doctor ordered!


These tiny, square noodles were perfect for making the broth into a smooth and slinky soup... Little kids love this... And this little kid here loves it too!

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