Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Roll Me Over!

Panini con Avocado alla Menta & Pomodoro, Scamorza Affumicata & Crescione
Toasted Rolls with Mint & Tomato Avocado, Smoked Scamorza & Cress


Sometimes, after a long and frankly rather miserable day, even a crazy, cookin' dude like myself might not be in the mood to stress for too long in the kitchen. Yes folks, even me!

So, sometimes just a little snack or sandwich is fine by me too. Which doesn't mean it has to be boring of course! I am still "me" after all!  


Yes, these were a couple of my favorite, "emergency rolls" made from a tasty rye dough and baked finished and th toasted in my own oven. I always have a packet of these for occasions like this, as do most of us here in Germany... But if you live elsewhere... Get yourselves to the bakers and get some nice, dark, rich bread... There's nothing better with avocado!


So, as my rolls ended up being just a tad TOO lavishly topped, I would claim that you can easily top 6 rolls using one avocado rather than just 4 like I did. Apart from the avocado, I needed 1 spring onion, the juice of a lime, 4-5 cherry tomatoes, a little fresh mint, about 3rd of a Scamorza cheese, a little cress and some salt, pepper and olive oil for seasoning.


The mint and lime go so well with the avocado and this of course is a great combination with the fruity tomato, the smokey, mild Scamorza and the crunchy rich bread... And with that touch of peppery cress on top to add a last hint of extra "oomph!" It is just terrific!


Chop the spring onion very finely, cut the avocado and cherry tomatoes into a rather small dice and finely chop 9-10 leaves of mint.


Pop all the ingredients into a bowl, season well with salt and pepper, add a splash of olive oil and plenty of lime juice and stir together, gently but thoroughly.


Allow the avocado to sit and marinate for at least 10 minutes and in the meantime, you can toast those rolls and get them nice and crispy!


Serve the avocado mixture together with a some Scamorza cheese and cress... And try to make things look as pretty as I did... Have fun!


And yes, sadly, I have to inform you all that they did indeed taste as wonderful as they look... Sorry! You will have to take my word for it I suppose... Or make some of your own!

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