Wednesday, 30 September 2015

A Work of Figtion!

Tortilla con Fichi Fresche, Gorgonzola, Pinoli & Crescione
Tortilla with Fresh Figs, Gorgonzola, Pine Nuts & Cress


Making delicious food is time-consuming, difficult and expensive, right? Wrong! If that's the way you think about cooking, then you are doing it all wrong. Making delicious food is all about combining good flavors and textures, it is about balance and it is about ingenuity.

Anyone with more money and time on their hands than is good for them, can follow a pretentious recipe using pretentious ingredients and slave away for hours in their home kitchen, striving to recreate restaurant standard meals at home. If you are one of those people... Please leave this page now!

If you are like me, get ready to improvise these delicious tortillas from just a few simple ingredients, and enjoy something simple and new and FUN!


Sweet, savory, fresh, peppery, smooth and crispy are all words, flavors and textures that describe this lovely looking snack...

From the tangy Gorgonzola to the sweet and fragrant figs, the peppery note of the cress and the tasty crunch of the pine nuts... These are the kinds of tortillas you've never tried before, but you will be wanting to make again and again!


A couple of tortillas, a couple of figs, a few blobs of Gorgonzola, a scattering of pine nuts and sprinkle of watercress... That's what my supper was made from!

No need for a strict recipe here... Just have these ingredients at hand and follow the instructions and the pictures and you will be just fine! Word!


Either open-topped or folded-up, this is a delicious and delightful snack which satisfies with complex flavors, whilst being as simple as can be... And it can be made from start to finish in around 10 minutes... I kid you not!


Simply add a few small blobs of Gorgonzola to your tortilla, here and there, then add thinly sliced figs on top, with again, a few more tiny blobs of Gorgonzola on top of them.

Try to keep the Gorgonzola to a minimum if you can, as it does melt very quickly and easily and it will otherwise all ooze out of the tortilla whilst it is baking and make it turn soft.

Add the pine nuts and make sure they are set out near to some of the cheese, so that they will be held into place during baking. Season with pepper and pop into a hot oven for 3-4 minutes at 180 C and then for another 2-3 minutes under the grill.


As I mentioned earlier... It is all about balance. The Gorgonzola is very salty and intense flavor, so hold back on it a little, or it runs risk of overpowering the other more subtle flavors of the sweet figs and crispy pine nuts.


It doesn't even take 10 minutes of your time from start to finish to bake these... And it definitely takes less time to eat them!  


See how easily the Gorgonzola melts and how much it spreads out? Good! Then take heed and make sure to try to get the balance right!


Add a generous scattering of freshly cut cress and prepare to enjoy an intensely flavorful snack!


Rich, lush and delicious... I promise!


Alternatively, if you catch them whist they are still hot and pliable, you can also fold them over and brown them from both sides...


And cut them into more convenient-sizes snacks that make them much more easy and fun to eat!


All of those great flavors, wrapped up into an intense and delicious combination... This is for me what good food is all about!

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