Thursday, 23 July 2015

Speedy Fresh Summer Sandwiches

Pane alla Brace Imbottito con Cetriolo, Feta, Pomodorini & Crescione, con Origano & Miele
Grilled Pizza Bread Sandwich with Cucumber, Feta Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes & Cress, with Oregano & Honey


All I wanted for supper this evening was a couple of cheese and cucumber sandwiches- that isn't too much to ask on a summer night now, is it? Well... It is if you don't happen to have any bread and that's for sure!

But being too hot, bothered, tired and reluctant to leave the house, I got a little creative, used a little common sense and improvised, just like I always do... And came up with this idea to make wonderful party sandwiches that can even be a part of your next grill adventure! I think you might just like it!


It's all very simple stuff, plain and ordinary ingredients... But just look at how wonderful and delicious this looks! Inexpensive, tasty and filling, whilst still being basically very light and healthy, this makes a great snack for a slow night in or a party with friends... And it is one more reason to always, ALWAYS a have a roll of pizza dough in the fridge! How many more times do I need to remind you of that?!?! 

So, what are you going to need to make 6 little snack-sized sandwiches? Not much! You will need about 1-2 of a roll of pizza dough, /2 of a cucumber, 1/2 of a block of feta cheese, 5-6 cherry tomatoes, 1 spring onion, some fresh cress, a little dried oregano, salt, pepper, honey and olive oil... And around 20 minutes of your time!


So, whilst not being much more than a simple cheese and cucumber sandwich, with just a few more ingredients and the bread being freshly "baked" on my griddle pan... The finished result was way, way more than just that! Summer between 2 slices of bread, I would say!


Obviously, you will need to cut yourself 2 equal sized pieces of dough from the roll, large enough to fit your pan... Or your hunger!


Place the dough into a dry, hot pan or into your grill until it begins to puff up and swell, then flip it over to brown from the other side too... It will take just 3-4 minutes from each side.

Once the bread is finished and golden brown, set it to one side to cool, slice the spring onion in half lengthwise and then scorch it from both sides in the hot pan... Because nobody likes to eat raw onion and this just tastes infinitely better!

Lay out the cucumber in thin slices first, season with salt and pepper, then cover with crumbled feta cheese, plenty of dried oregano, a little pepper and a good drizzle of honey.


Next, add the sliced cherry tomatoes, again salt and pepper, again plenty of oregano and also the toasted onions on top.


Scatter generously with cress and drizzle with olive oil... Then get ready to put a lid on things and to grab your knife! It's time to eat!

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