Sunday, 18 January 2015

Keep Your Shirt On!

Panini con Uova in Camicia, Pomodorini, Parmigiano, Origano & Crescione
Bread Rolls with Poached Egg, Cherry Tomatoes, Parmesan, Oregano & Cress


Sunday... the only day I have a "proper breakfast" as you know and although my sweet tooth was yearning to be taken care of, my common sense told me to keep breakfast more simple- those sins I committed at Christmas are still there to haunt me!

So- poached eggs it was to be- although of course I wanted to do something nice with them!


No rich, buttery sauces or anything like that for me- no bacon or ham... just good fresh tomato and cress to bring those innocent little eggies to life, a hint of Parmesan cheese for some extra seasoning and richness and a hot mug of coffee to keep them in good company!


A little oregano added to the cherry tomatoes really brought out the best of their fruity flavor- and when the golden yolks combined them with the cress and the Parmesan cheese- well, all I can say is that the result was simply delicious!


Here you can see how simple a tasty breakfast can be- whilst still being rich and sophisticated in its flavors. You don't need to be frying and fattening everything up to make it taste good- oh, absolutely not! 


2 little rolls, 2 little eggs, 4 cherry tomatoes, a few shavings of Parmesan and a good handful of cress... sounds good? IS good! And is more than enough!


The eggs were simply poached in water, with a good splash of white vinegar added and a teaspoon of salt. once the water boils, reduce it to a gentle simmer and then drop in the eggs. Forget what they tell you about 4 minutes being a good cooking time- unless you want the eggs to be totally liquid, if they are regular sized eggs, aim more for 6 minutes. That way the whites will be firm and the yolks will have a rich, gentle, just-soft center to them... which is what you want if you are going to eat them in a roll like this!

As for the Italian name for poached eggs, "uova in camicia", which translates as "eggs in shirts", I just find that wonderful- you can see where the name comes from when you see them swimming around in their billowy, white cases! :-) 


Whilst the eggs poach, toast the rolls and lay them out with thinly sliced tomato- then season it with salt, pepper and dried oregano... the tomato can add lots of taste and not simply serve as a colorful garnish!


Set the eggs on top of the tomatoes, sprinkle with pepper and add just a few slices of Parmesan cheese. Here is a little cress added, just for the benefit of the photo...


See how perfect those eggs are? That's what I am talking about!


Whereas THIS is about the amount of cress you should actually be adding for those rolls to taste super-good!

Even covered-up, they still look super-good too!


 And taste even better than they look! Enjoy!

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