Sunday, 25 January 2015

Just Avoca-Do It!

Tortilla con Avocado, Feta, Pomodorini & Erbe Miste
Avocado, Feta Cheese, Cherry Tomato & Mixed Herb Tortilla

Late for breakfast, yet too early for lunch- aaargh! I hate the expression, but I guess the term for that little meal of the day is known as "brunch"! And that's what you are looking at right here!

Low in calories, high in flavor, easy to make and quick enough to rescue you when you need a quick, filling fix of flavor- so healthy and good for you too!


Again- here is a great, filling meal, made from "next-to-nothing" as they say, which will easily satisfy 2 people and has all the flavor you need to let you enjoy all the goodness it has!


This was all it took except for 2 flour tortillas- 1 ripe avocado, 9-10 cherry tomatoes, a half pack of Feta cheese, some lime juice and mixed herbs- basil, mint, thyme and oregano in this case.


It's just a simple sandwich, but has such delicious, bright, fresh flavors, that it is an absolute delight to eat. The avocado has quite a bit of fat of it's own, which makes it smooth and creamy tasting to eat, without you needing to add any unnecessary dressings or anything- but at the same time, they are healthy fats that will actually do you good!


Yep- you get twice as much as this from that simple list of ingredients! A little food goes a long way, if you are savvy about how to prepare it!


All you need to do is to dice and scoop out the avocado...


...than season with a good pinch of salt, plenty of ground pepper and the juice of half a lime. These simple ingredients will absolutely make the most of the avocado's own flavor, the juice will make the avocado soften and become creamy and delicious... and the whole thing suddenly comes to life!


Dice up the tomatoes, crumble up the cheese, chop up and pluck the herbs... and you are ready to go!

Set the tortilla into your dry frying pan, spread out the ingredients generously on half of it, add the herbs and a last bit of ground pepper and turn on the heat.

After just 1-2 minutes, the tortilla will become soft enough for you to easily fold shut- and just a minute or so later, you should easily be able to be carefully turn it over, to become toasted and brown on the other side too.


As you can see- the interior is still raw and fresh and delicious, but the tortilla has crisped-up and become firm enough to be able to pick up and eat easily... as well as having that bit of toasted aroma that makes it even more delicious!


And you KNOW that THIS has just GOT TO BE awesomely delicious now, don't you?

I made sure to take a big bite, just to be sure... and yep! You can relax... it tastes just great! Try it for yourselves- and enjoy!

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