Friday, 18 April 2014

The Toast of Breakfast Time

Banane Tostate in Padella con Fiocchi d'Avena, Mandorle & Confettura di Mirtilli
Pan-Toasted Banana, Oatmeal, Almonds & Cranberry Jam

Lucky me- and the rest of Europe that is... because today is Good Friday and we are off work! Yes, I would call that good... in fact it was very, very good! And it began with a good breakfast...

...which does not mean it was anything weird, wild, wonderful and exclusive- not at all! In fact, it was just a way to use up the 2 last bananas I had in the house- very ripe ones they were too! But not wanting to let them go to waste. I wasted no time in transforming them into a real delicious treat!

2 ripe bananas, a good handful of oatmeal, a handful of almonds, 2 teaspoons of cranberry jam, a little fresh yogurt and a few minutes of heat from my stove top and breakfast was served!

I have made oatmeal and banana in a similar way before and I am sure I will do it again- because the toasting of the oatmeal flakes and the warming of the banana brings out the best of both world- the added crunch and more intense sweetness, which is just the thing to help you start your day with a smile... especially when it's something so healthy!

What I did today that was a little different, was that I chopped up the banana into good bite-sized chunks, just using the edge of a fork, and then squashed down into the  banana with the fork leaving ridges... kind of looks like gnocchi, doesn't it?

What this does, is that it softens the structure just a little, so that the banana becomes stickier and juicier and therefore lets the oatmeal stick to it better, whilst still retaining its shape and texture- you wouldn't want to mash the bananas up so that become soft and squidgy now!

Pop the banana pieces into a dry frying pan first and crank up the heat to a high setting, then as soon as the banana pieces begin to turn a deeper shade of yellow, add the oatmeal and stir everything together gently. As soon as the banana pieces are coated from all sides, they become much easier to stir.

Continue stirring until the oatmeal begins to toast slightly and then add the almond flakes and continue stirring. At this point add a tiny pinch of salt and regular pinch of sugar and keep going for a couple of minutes more, until the almonds also turn golden brown and then remove from the heat and allow to cool.

It is pretty amazing, but the banana is transformed into delicious little balls of sweetness and toasty goodness... whoever would have thought? This is also a good time to add a little sprinkle of cinnamon if you feel that way inclined, as it will stick well to the warm and steamy, freshly toasted banana... it's all about timing!

Although the banana actually was sweet enough in itself, but I decided to be a little indulgent and added a couple of teaspoons of luscious cranberry jam- that is about as far as I go when being decadent at breakfast, haha!

That sounds as if I am very strict about eating healthy- which I am ;-) but not to the point that it will ever keep me from enjoying yummy food- it is more the simple case of me striving to only add enough sweetness of fat to my food. I just think things taste more interesting and exciting when they are well-balanced  rather than being overly sweet or fatty. 

And taking a look at these pictures, I am pretty sure you will agree that this looks lush and rich and delicious as you could possibly want a breakfast cereal to look! I have to admit that I am almost tempted to go and make myself another bowl of this right now... even though it is coming up to midnight!

If I were you, I would give this a try- I really would! In fact, I think I may well make it for myself in the morning... which at this point in time is only a few short hours away... so maybe I will go get my frying pan out right now... and set my alarm clock! I want another bowl of this right now!


  1. I love your blog! The ideas are so original yet tasty and your pictures are absolutely gorgeous :). Going to give this recipe a spin tomorrow morning, looks like the perfect breakfast!

    1. I'm glad you like it Steph! Thanks for the kind words and I hope you will enjoy all of my future posts too! Best wishes, Francesco