Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Saving Face (book) :-)

A Little Bit Moving...  
(but not in a sad way :-) )

Good Day to you all out there in Internet Land!

And so it came to pass that I decided to change the way I present my food and my "not-recipes"with all of you good people out there, whilst we all zoom past each other
whilst driving the information superhighway. 

Life always has plenty of surprises that it dishes out to us, though rarely does it hand us extra hours in the day to deal with them! Ain't that the truth! ;-)

What this means for me a this little blog is that I shall be focusing a little more on the Facebook page I have set up under the name The Saucy Chef for a while. I am doing this to improve my visibility on the internet and to see what happens.

At this point I am not sure if anything will change here at all... but at the same time I would be thrilled if you would look me up on Facebook, give me a like, tell your friends, stop strangers in town and tell them, shout it from the highest rooftops and spread the word all over the world. There- I've said it! 

In the meantime, here is a parting shot for this little message, just to reassure you that the cooking is not going to stop and that we will be having plenty of fun together in the future, be it here, there, on Pinterest.... or who knows? Maybe sitting at the same table one day... ?


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