Friday, 14 March 2014

Taking on 2 Rolls

2 Tipi di Panini Ripiene
2 Types of Filled Bread Rolls- Both Savory & Sweet

Pizza is delicious and pre-made pizza dough on a roll is so convenient- you could easily make your favorite pizza yourself in next to no time. But you know- pizza can get just a little boring! I can say that, I'm Sicilian and to be honest, pizza just gets to a certain point where it is all nice and good but still. to be really honest, it gets to be a little bit boring...

Then again, the same can be said for sandwiches!

But one thing is for sure, be it a pizza dough or be it a sandwich roll, nothing beats the taste of something that is freshly baked... even if you have not freshly made the dough!

So here we are with a few tasty ingredients that went to make both a savory and a sweet course for supper this evening and was a lot of fun to prepare!

For the savory roll I had a few artichokes from the jar, black olives, capers, bacon, cherry tomatoes, basil and salted ricotta cheese. And for the sweet roll I had blueberries, apple and mint. I would say that those are fun, unusual and delicious ingredients now, wouldn't you?

For the savory rolls, sautée the bacon (3 rashers) together with the artichoke hearts, cut into quarters and the finely chopped Spring onion. Once the bacon begins to become crispy and the artichokes mildly golden, turn off the heat and set them to one side so that they an cool off.

Once the artichokes, bacon and onion are cool, cut a 4" strip of pizza dough to the size and spread out some of the filling on top, leaving room to add some diced cherry tomatoes, basil, olives and capers. 

Add a generous coating of salted ricotta cheese and a sprinkle of pepper and you are ready to go! All you need to do now is to fold the dough shut, making sure it overlaps just enough to seal nicely... a little tricky, but using the paper to lift and roll the dough made it a whole lot easier to manage!

The last thing to do, before bidding the rolls good bye and sending them to the oven is to make some decorative and useful air-ventilation  by making equally spaced cuts into the surface, from which the excess moisture can escape and evaporate away.

Once they have baked for 15 minutes or so at 400°F... the result is a beautiful, golden-brown, filled with flavor and fun... and also good to eat! Non of that limp and soggy
pizza dough here- just plenty of good flavors in a handy shape- excellent for snacks and parties!

You can obviously use other ingredients, but the combination of artichokes with tomato, olives, capers and bacon, along with the basil and salted ricotta make for a wonderful supper... especially for a hungry Sicilian like me this evening! ;-)

So, now we come to the sweet part of the meal- and what do you think of this!?!?
I would say, they look pretty much as amazing as you could ever wish for a sweet roll to look- and the best part is that they are not half as sinful as they look!

This is the finished roll, straight from the oven, crispy and light before being drizzled with a tablespoon of honey... you really wouldn't think that it is possible to make something so yummy and so delicious without butter and cream- but clearly it is! And here is how...

In the same way that we prepared the savory cousin to this roll, what we need is a strip of pastry that is 3-4 " wide. I then spread out the berries equally, grated the apple all over the top, added a little mint that has ben plucked into tiny pieces and then sprinkled generously with cinnamon.

This time when I folded the dough shut, I rolled it into spiral and pre-baked it on top of a non-stick frying pan for 4-5 minutes, before popping it into the oven to finish off for a further 10- 15 minutes or so at 400°F. You can't get much easier than that!

As you can see, the dough rises miraculously high and the insides with all of those berries, the apple and the cinnamon make for a wonderfully delicious roll that is not too sweet... and I like that! At the same time, if you decide in retrospect to make the rolls a little bit sweeter, I suggest adding a nice spoonful of honey as I did. Because a tablespoon of honey knocked this already delicious little treat right off the map!

So there you have it! Simple but different, down-to earth and great fun... let me just say I am so glad that I didn't make a boring old pizza after all! And I hope that I have shown you that a simple dough can be transformed and used in different ways- all it takes is a little imagination!

Hope you have some fun thinking up some fillings of your own and give this a go- you are going to love it and have a wonderful time... I insist!

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