Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Rocket-Speed Supper!

Pizza in Padella con Ricotta, Rucola, Pancetta, Fichi & Parmigiano
Frying Pan Pizza with Ricotta, Arugula, Bacon, Fig and Parmesan

Rucola in Italy, arugula in the States and rocket in England- whatever name you call it by, this tangy and delicious green leaf is one of my favorite things! Rocket is the name that springs to mind this evening though... as in next to no time, this incredible and delicious pizza was put together and ready to go in literally just 15 minutes... Hurrah for fresh pizza dough on a roll!

So this is the story. I didn't get home till 9.30pm this evening, after rushing out to make a couple of family visits and catching a couple of trains back home. Tired and hungry, I looked in the fridge... and yes, it dawned on me again that I may well have bought too much rocket at the market hall on Saturday! I also had 2 beautiful fresh figs left over and as always, some emergency pizza-dough... and suddenly I had a very clear vision of just what my supper was going to be...

The first thing I did, was to "jazz up" 3 tablespoonfuls of fresh ricotta cheese by adding a little salt and pepper, a hint of nutmeg, some olive oil, lemon juice and a pinch of cayenne. I stirred these together well, just using a spoon, and got ready to get ready, by turning on the broiler and my oven to full power and cranking up the heat on my stove top.

Next step was to cut the pizza base into a slightly larger circle than the size of my frying pan and then to lay it on top. of course the dough stretches a little whilst you do this and ends up being a little larger still... and that is a good thing, because what you then do is to fold the excess dough inwards, rolling it over twice to give you an extra-thick outer edge... it's that easy!

I then put the pan on the stove top and started the dough baking/frying. The next step was to take a teaspoon and spread dots of the ricotta mixture out here and there all over the base and also around the outer edge of the pizza, then to spread out a nice layer of rocket on top. I sprinkled a little bacon over the top of that and then turned my attention to my 2 little figs, which I quickly cut into slices. 

Whilst I sliced the figs, the dough had of course begun to bake, the ricotta had begun to melt a little and I took a wooden spoon and pressed the greens down into it slightly. I then laid out the fig slices on top, sprinkled everything generously with grated Parmesan, nutmeg and course pepper and then popped it into the oven, on the top shelf for 4-5 minutes.

After that time, the pizza was to all extents and purposes done- the outer edge had puffed up nicely and it was a nice golden brown... but still, I took it back out of the oven and gave it a quick, last-minute drizzle of honey- which I thought would go wonderfully with the salty bacon and cheese and the tangy rocket- and I was right!

2 minutes later, the pizza was almost absurdly, wonderfully crispy brown and delicious! I promise you that you will not be able to resist! And neither will anyone else!

Another quick, no-fuss, fun and exciting meal for you to magic out of nowhere... so what are you waiting for? You KNOW you want to try it!!!

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