Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Cocoa, Creamy, Smooth 'n' Fruity !

Crema di Avocado con Kiwi & Cioccolato
Avocoado Chocolate Cream with Kiwi

This little dessert is those 3 things and much more! It is also "healthy", tasty, cool and easy! Nature provides the essential ingredients here- cocoa and avocado were just made for each other! There is something so wonderful about the smooth, shiny chocolate flavor that you get from simply blending cocoa powder together with a fresh, ripe avocado- and the best thing is, other than the natural oils of the avocado, there is no fat, butter or cream to make this as sinful as your regular chocolate dessert. Especially if you sweeten it with Stevia as I did, rather than sugar- you can really indulge in this one- and why not?!? Just try it and you will see what I mean!

TO add a little extra dimension,I decided to add a little fresh fruit into the mix- in this case kiwi, which gives a little extra texture and depth to the rich, creamy chocolate flavor. One avocado and about 10 minutes of time at the most was all it took to transform my supper this evening- and when it is this easy to do, I don't mind if I do indulge in a dessert- even on a weekday night!

To make this wonderful cream, all I needed was an avocado and 4 tablespoons of cocoa powder. That might sound like a lot, but you will see just how much that avocado can take! I first scooped out the avocado and then mashed it roughly with a fork, just to get it going, before I began to whisk it- using my electric mixer of course! As I already mentioned, I used Stevia to sweeten mine, but if you want to use regular sugar, make sure to use a powdered sugar which will dissolve better into the avocado cream... You will find that either way, you probably need less sweetness than you think before it begins to taste terrific. I whisked mine at the highest setting for about 5 minutes- but that's all I needed to do... it's so crazy how good it tastes after so little effort!

Next, I peeled, cored an finely chopped a kiwi and stirred it into the chocolate cream- then popped it into the fridge to chill for at least an hour. Overnight would have been better still- but I didn't have enough patience for that! So indeed- just an hour later, I was savoring this silky smooth, chocolate cream and wishing I had made 2 avocados worth instead! It was really delicious!

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