Sunday, 28 August 2011

Life's a Peach

Avena + Cocco Croccante con Pesche Fresche e Crema alla Vaniglia
Coconut and Oat Crumble with Fresh Peach and Vanilla Cream

Everybody loves a crumble, a crispy and delicious topping to a sweet dessert. The trouble most of the time is, that they are ladened with butter, sugar and worse still, they are usually topping something equally sweet. Now, there is nothing wrong with a delicious apple or berry crumble... but how about a light, Summery, healthy and guilt-free treat instead? Are you up for it! Cool- let's get to it!

This is a similar recipe to my crunchy breakfast cereal- it is made of oats, coconut and raisins, is cheap, cheerful and easy to make. But it will take at least 20 minutes of standing at a stove-top stirring. The thing is- the light and fluffy on the inside, but fluffy on the outside consistency of this crumble makes it worth the while. It is much lighter than those dense, sugary concoctions- and I am pretty sure that you will appreciate the difference in taste and texture and enjoy this healthier choice.

Start off by browning your oatmeal, coconut flakes and raisins in a dry frying pan. It will take 5-6 minutes before they start to brown. Once that happens, sprinkle a little hot water over them- just little splashes and keep stirring. The dry ingredients will now start to clump together. Keep stirring until these larger clumps start to brown. Once that happens, drizzle some honey directly onto the pan, in the spaces between the oatmeal. This will start to bubble immediately-and when this happens, stir some oatmeal over it to soak it up. Now sprinkle some more water onto it and give it a good sprinkle of cinnamon. Keep stirring! I told you you would be there for around 20 minutes! I repeated the procedure with the water 4-5 times and the honey twice. The water lets the coconut flakes and the oatmeal expand and become soft and fluffy, it dissolves the honey and the cinnamon which then gets soaked up and gives the crumble a nice, deep flavor... yummy!

The vanilla cream is made my whisking cheese curds and yogurt together in equal quantities... the juice of a lime goes in there along with the zest- although not necessarily in that order! I sweetened it with honey and that was it- light and refreshing and so good with the peaches!

And that my little foodie-friends, is all that there is to it! A fun breakfast, a terrific snack or a satisfying dessert... make of it what you will... but by all means make it! You'll like it!

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