Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Green Dreams

Fritelle di Cavolo Verde con Pastinacca, Carote, Zenzero & Formaggio
Cheesy, Kale, Parsnip, Carrot & Ginger Fritters

So many, so-trendy kale recipes... who needs yet another one? Well, maybe you do and maybe you don't! But in any case, here is what I made using kale as the main ingredient this evening... without a recipe mind you! But here to share with all of you in case you care to try it!

I made these simple fritters using shredded kale, with a little parsnip and ginger to add some depth of flavor and carrot to add a little sweetness... and also plenty of cheese to make them rich and super-delicious!

These lovely little fritters are soooo packed with flavor- and best of all, there is no flour or breading in there- just fresh vegetables, a little egg and plenty of cheese and some chili flakes and red pepper to liven them up!

Using 5 good leaves of kale, 1 parsnip, 1 carrot, 1 Spring onion, 1 egg, a little ginger and plenty of grated Provolone cheese, I managed to produce a yield of 10 little fritters- which isn't bad! And it was a perfect "first time" effort, I must say!

These would be great as a part of a party spread or as a side dish to any number of Winter meals... and it is always nice to have something a little different don't you think? Especially when they are so easy to make!

Peel and grate the parsnip, carrot and about 1" of fresh ginger and finely chop the Spring onion.

Wash, shake dry and finely chop/shred the kale, sprinkle with salt and then "mash" together using your hands- this will change the structure and soften the kale considerably. Use plenty of force when doing so- I found the best method to use both hands and to "wring out" the kale as if it were a sponge... works great!

When the kale is nice and soft, add the other ingredients, the egg and about a handful of grated cheese- don't add it all at this point as it will probably all clump together, being the softest of the ingredients. Season with a little more salt and chili flakes or pepper to taste and stir together into a nice even mix.

You could also use something like a cheddar or gouda cheese as an alternative- something quite soft and mild that will melt easily and crisp up as it fries. 

Once it is nicely, thoroughly mixed, add another good handful of cheese, stir this in and then knead together using your hands until the mixture becomes firmer and more compact.

Once it holds together like this, it will be fine to shape into patties and fry.

Simply take a pinch of the mixture and squeeze it into a ball firmly- then press down flat on the palm of your hand and then fry in a little olive oil at a moderate heat. 

Flip the patties over after 2-3 minutes and put on the lid whist the second side cooks, so that the steam rising from them will be trapped and they will cook through more thoroughly, Flip over again as necessary until they are nice and brown from each side.

I enjoyed mine with a little more grated cheese and some crushed red pepper flakes- and they were lovely and rich and savory- and just delicious as can be!

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