Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sweet Special Delivery!

Cartoccio di Filo Dolce con Cachi, Confettura & Cocco
Sweet Filo Parcel with Persimmon, Coconut & Jam


It's strange how everybody loves to unwrap a parcel and yet most people don't like to wrap them, isn't it? Well- I am sorry to say that somebody has to do it, folks!

But if it is a parcel like this one, it might even be one that you will enjoy packing as much as unpacking... because it is easy and fun to do!


I made myself this for breakfast... and afternoon tea, this morning- with no real plan in mind other than to make some kind of quick and yummy pastry that was not loaded with calories- and didn't require lots of complicated preparation and work... it just happened!


I had a couple of lovely, little persimmons and a mission to make something delicious out of them- fast! So I grabbed a pot of jam and a bag of coconut flakes, 4 sheets of Filo pastry... and turned on the oven! There was no time to waste- it was time to simply start improvising!


The result was crispy, flaky, light and fruity and delicious... all that whilst being not too sweet and definitely not fatty and overloaded with butter... so it was the perfect thing for me! Hopefully for you too!


I began by topping and tailing the persimmons, then cutting them into quarters...


... and then in turn, I cut the quarters into slices- ready to be laid-out in that pastry case!


This is a very low-fat pastry- but still, butter your baking dish to keep the pastry from sticking and you will see that this will also be plenty of butter to give the base a great flavor too.

Lay the pastry out, 2 sheets at a time, in a 45° angle to each other, then spread the base lightly with jam (I used raspberry in this case) and sprinkle with coconut. This will give great flavor but also help soak up juices from the persimmon slices.


Now add the persimmon slices working from the outside inwards.


Sprinkle generously with cinnamon and cover with coconut flakes before sealing.


Simply fold the pastry over, one corner at a time, all the way around until your parcel is nicely and neatly sealed.


Add a few tiny blobs of butter here and there before popping it into a hot oven, at 170°C, for around 20 minutes until the pastry is beginning to turn brown.


Just as the pastry begins to brown, take it out of the oven and add a light drizzle of honey- you will have noticed that I added no other sweetness than the jam and now the touch of honey will be plenty to finish making this pastry delicious- there really is not any need to add more!

10 minutes later, the pastry will be wonderfully glazed and crunchy, with a rich amber color and a wonderfully fruity, cinnamon and honey-laced aroma!

Such a simple little thing and so delightful... I was indeed- delighted! Haha!

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