Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Green With Envy

Avocado Marinato su Pomodoro e Sedano Tritato
Marinated Avocado on a fine Tomato and Celery Dice

Here's a thought: treat your guests to an eye-popping appetizer and do almost literally no work. How does that sound? Pretty good, huh? Some things get served up to us by mother nature already tasting wonderful. So sometimes it is a good idea to handle natures precious babies with care and to let them be. 

Avocado, though a little bland in its natural state, becomes something totally delicious and exciting once it is well seasoned. If you make a little effort to present it nicely, there is little more that needs to be done. I made a wonderful dressing of lemon juice, green Tabasco and honey- perfect partners for this mild, buttery-textured fruit. As soon as I cut the avocado in two, I poured the marinade over one half immediately in order to prevent it from oxidizing and losing its wonderful color. I then cut the other half into fine slices and carefully laid them into the marinade as well. 

So much for the avocado! Talk about easy!

The tomatoes were diced finely and sprinkled with celery which was diced finer still. This gives a nice savory touch and an added bit of texture and crunch. I made a dressing of a little orange juice, a shot of Cointreau, some olive oil, honey and a little mustard for the tomatoes- I wanted them to have a different and distinct flavor as a contrast to the spicy avocado. The finishing touch was a carpet of watercress which I sprinkled with red peppercorns- another nice bit of added texture and a nice earthy flavor. A little lemon zest and a sprinkle of coarse rock salt is all that is now standing in the way of you wowing your guests and being the star of the show again. Ain't life grand?

Serve with a nice, simple bruschetta- just a good slice of Italian bread that you toast in your grill pan till it is nicely scorched. Rub with garlic, trickle with olive oil, sprinkle with a little salt and enjoy with all your friends... this is going to be a good dinner! 

And your guests will be talking about this one still at your next dinner invite!

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